XLR8 Partners with Neiybor to Build Marketplace MVP

Go To Market, Fast.

Building a marketplace from scratch is hard. Neiybor (now known as Neighbor) built on top of a pre-made stack to customize a rental marketplace to meet their need, becoming the 'AirBnB of Storage'.

PROVO; Aug. 1, 2018 - XLR8 Development (NYSE: Unlisted) has collaborated with Neiybor Storage (now Neighbor), a new entrant into the personal storage sector, to bring their product to the market as quickly as possible, leveraging and customizing existing technology backed by customer research.

This strategy allowed Neiybor to build something quickly and launch to their customers. Building their feedback quickly into the design allowed the company to pivot into the perfect market fit. This strategy also allowed them to build up enough technical capital to hire their own internal team to manage and maintain the software.

This project was completed over the course of a few months, combining the expertise of XLR8 Development with the existing marketplace software to rapidly prototype, launch, and update individual designs, UX flows, and product features. These updates were accomplished with speed, accuracy and ease, thanks to a small team of motivated and skilled engineers.

About Neighbor:

Neighbor is an online community that allows homeowners to rent out the space they don't use, to neighbors who need storage or long-term parking. Store with a Neighbor today! Renters save money with Neighbor, while hosts make money. Everyone wins! List your space for FREE today at neighbor.com! Every host is covered by our $1,000,000 Host Guarantee.

About XLR8 Development:

We are a team of Creative Technologists™ (100% On-Shore) with a passion for solving complex business problems. Our goal is to help businesses like yours to simplify, expand, and revitalize their systems, processes, and software. Essentially, XLR8 is here to bring businesses into 2022 and beyond through the creative application of advanced technology. If you have a business problem that needs a creative solution, reach out and we will see how best we can help! Visit us today at xlr8dev.com

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